May 18, 2014


How was your day?

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Moloaa Bay, Kauai 2014

Feb 24, 2013


So what really had happened was...

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New Audio Damage! (Fucking Finally!)

I've been kinda busy. Next up is this:

Then I will go to Hawaii for a week, sit on the beach, sip drinks with little umbrellas in them, get sunburnt, and maybe learn to snorkel.

No seriously, I've never snorkeled, isn't that crazy?

Jul 16, 2012


Nerd Cakes

I'm sorry. No really, I am. It's been a hectic year, in both good ways and bad. Mostly I'm overstressed, and ok, maybe a little depressed. But things are starting to lighten up and I need to do the same. So that said, here we go... NERD CAKES.

X-Wing Starfighter Cake

Millennium Falcon Cake

(And on that note...)

Millennium Falcon WEDDING Cake

The Starship Enterprise Battles the Borg

Eye of Sauron

Battlestar Galactica

And my personal favorite:


May 2, 2012



This is not a mugshot

I had to get my passport photo taken today. Just before the guy snapped my picture he said: Don't blink! so...yeah, we had to take it again. Honestly, this is the better photo. The second time around I was so hellbent on keeping my eyes open that I look like I just came face to face with an Alot.

So, yeah, HI, HOW ARE YOU? I'm fine. Been busy! Typing, moving pixels around, putting way too much pressure on myself, like that. I did manage to take a few days off last weekend to whip out a messenger bag for The Mom for Mother's Day. But I haven't been in the kitchen since...I don't even remember. I plan to rectify that this month because it's peach season, which means it's JAM SEASON. And I can't get lazy this year because a couple months ago, for the first time since 2008, I RAN OUT OF JAM.

I know, I know, I'm a horrible human being.

Anyway, back to the photo. LOOK AT THAT HAIR! I got this crazy idea a couple months ago to let it grow out, because, I don't know, I guess I thought I'd be Kate Beckinsale or something, but instead it mostly just pokes me in the eye. And I have to blow dry it! What a pain in the butt. So I have a hair appointment on Monday and I'm pretty sure me and my pixie are going to get reacquainted.

So there you have it, the last 6 weeks of my life in a blog post: I've been busy, stressed out, and my hair is in my eyes. How are you?

Mar 13, 2012


R2-D2 Cookie Jar


(I still want this one too.)

Mar 12, 2012


Hula Hoop

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Mar 4, 2012


What kind of yoga do you do?

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Hatha? Bikram? Ashtanga? I do Boba Yoga. And sometimes Yoda.

Posters for sale here.

Feb 27, 2012


I can haz hole in my head?

These are not my toofs.

You know this right, me and my dental woes? If you know me you know this. If you don't, the short version goes something like this: I was a wee little sickly Elle and after years and years and years of antibiotics, my teeth are all screwed up. So every couple of years I can tell a story that goes something like this: Yeah, I went in for a cleaning at 11 that morning and walked out 6 hours later with 6 new teeth.

That was last year's adventure. This year, I got my #12 pulled. Yes, I know my teeth by their numbers, isn't that awesome?

I had a tooth pulled once before, many, many years ago, a back molar. But this one is an upper tooth, one of my "smile" teeth, so now with this gaping hole/wound in my mouth I look like one of my old Mill City neighbors (or Amy Winehouse, your pick). They gave me a temp, but it's like this retainer thing with one tooth, and never mind that it's incredibly uncomfortable, it's just plain STUPID. I can't eat with it, can barely talk with it, and shouldn't wear it if I want my toothhole to heal. So why did they give it to me? Cosmetic reasons. What, am I a supermodel? I am so returning this thing.

Anyway, so IMPLANT. I'm getting an implant. I've had crowns and bridges up the wazoo, but never an implant. You know what I have in my jaw right now? A SCREW. Yes they took out my tooth (which took 2 hours, by the way) and replaced it WITH A SCREW. And then in all seriousness my dentist says to me:

Don't worry, it's not big enough to set off metal detectors at the airport or anything like that.

O. M. G.

Anyway, the meds, LOL. He gives me Ibuprofen horse pills and Vicodin-but-not-Vicodin. I don't care if it is or it isn't, all I know is it makes me sick to my stomach and I don't want any. Oh, I'll give you an anti-nausea pill too, he says.

Whatever, I don't really plan on taking it so I don't really care. Until I had to pay for it, that is. The Ibuprofen, the VbnV, the antibiotics, $4 each. The don't puke pill? $54. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!? Well shit, now I have to take it.


OMG, this is FUN! But I am very stupid. And I need help doing complex tasks, like putting one foot in front of the other while simultaneously maintaining balance and fighting gravity. LOL. I'm sorry, was I saying something?

Feb 13, 2012


The Return of The Linky (cuteness edition)

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Wherever shall we begin?

Oh, I know:

Oh Hai
How about the Toronto Zoo's New Baby Polar Bear?
See also: om nom nom snow!

Or how about:

Unhappy kitty bath?
See also: sleepy kitty is sleepy and sleepy puppy is full. Or maybe it's full puppy is sleepy?

Or even better:

A teeny tiny smiling pig in a blanket.

We also have:

Sleeping dangerously
A gallery of sleepy koalas

...a happy, happy hippo:

Say Cheese!

and some dogs playing fetch:


Happy Monday, everyone

Feb 6, 2012


Bag it

messenger bag mug shot

So this last week (ish) I've been sick. Not like, Oh, I have the flu, or OMG, I'm dying of the plague, more like Ick, I feel like I've been hit by a truck and is this what getting old feels like damn this really sucks. Throw in some allergies and general female malaise (sorry dude folk) and it was a stellar week. And by stellar I mean mostly I turned into a hermit. And one day I ate nothing but donuts. Well, that's not entirely true, after the third donut I got this awful Did you seriously eat THREE DONUTS TODAY? headache, so then I ate a banana.

It didn't help.

Anyway, all that to say I got a lot of sewing done this week. I tackled messenger bags, see? SEE? The little ones are for my nieces. I LOVE having nieces because they LOVE everything you make them and they totally don't notice your mistakes.

Oh, and an apron. I made an apron too.

And some flannel PJ pants. I made those first so I could wear them all week. Proper prior planning, my friends.
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