Jul 10, 2011


Houston, we have a problem

The Harem

The house we are currently living in is, by far, the largest place we've ever rented. Once upon a time we had this tiny 500 sq foot shit hole, but we moved past that, and for over a decade we hovered around the 1200 sq foot mark. You spend 10+ years with someone @ 1200 sq feet, you acquire approximately 1500 sq feet worth of crap, plus some extraneous shit you should have tossed out 3 years ago. There's some law of physics that describes it, entrohoardapy, I think?

In any case, this place is over 2000 sq feet, almost double the size of the last place. In other words, a lot of extra space. When we first got here we walked from room to room wondering: what do we do with all this space? And we agreed right then and there that buying stuff was not an option because inevitably (A) we'd have to move it and (B) we'd have to move it some place smaller, thus creating the problem of too much crap and too little space. And that's not really a problem we want to deal with.

Yeah, well... that was January. Now it's July and The Crandall has totally figured out what to do with all that space. We have gear in one room, and t-shirt stuff in a another room, and art and photo stuff over here, and wheat paste stuff over there, and careful where you walk in the backyard, and OH RIGHT, THERE'S AN ARCADE IN MY DINING ROOM.

Remember Tempest, that harlot? Yeah, she has friends now. She's lured Space Invaders, Donkey Kong and some tramp named Star Castle into her den of iniquity. And I hear Frogger is on the way.

Alas, not all is The Fault of The Crandall. Well, yes and no. No because technically only Tempest is his. Yes because he keeps wheeling arcade games through the front door. He has a partner in crime now, and they enable each other. And because I don't get all OMGWTF!?!? every time they walk through the door, I enable their enabling, which, as you can see, is turning into some exponential shit.

So what's a girl to do? Play Space Invaders, I guess...
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Jul 11, 2011
Like I said, at this rate there will no longer be any room for people.

As concerns space, last summer we went from 600ft to 1100ft. This really just gave us enough room to have our stuff in a reasonable configuration, plus a living room that is just way too big. This summer it looks like we are buying a house at 1450ft. With a third bedroom and a garage, I don't know what the hell we're going to do with it. I might have to put a little CNC mill in the garage to play with, and the bedroom is sounding like it's going to become a gym, or a craft room, or something. And a third bathroom? What the fuck?!? There's two of us!
Jul 11, 2011
Not once did you use the word lucky! I don't get it? Actually I do... I'm about to move out of my friend's spare room and into about 700 sq feet. Aforementioned friend is nice enough to let me stash most of of my musical gear in his house and use it as a studio away from home... Hmmm... I never thought to bring in arcade games! Good idea! And Donkey Kong is the bomb yo!
Kontrol Master
Jul 11, 2011
Solution: move back to Portland. Ground Kontrol can take care of all Crandall's arcade needs, and you can have a dining room. :).

Oh wait, 2000 sq.ft. in PDX is a lot spendier than it is in PHX, isn't it? :( Well, at least you'd be able to get the arcade out of the house.

Just wait until a deflection transistor blows in Tempest - that'll take the wind out of his sails.
Jul 11, 2011
I wouldn't mind having a game or 3 at my house. The only actual space to put one would be upstairs though, and if my wife didn't kill me for bringing home games, I'd kill myself trying to get it up the stairs.
Jul 11, 2011
@Jeffrey: Luckily I have the electrical engineering equivalent of Gandalf living not a mile from here. When a deflection transistor blows, I have but to say "oh, dear, Eric, I do believe a deflector transistor has blown!" Whereupon he will come over with his bag full of Magic Things and Do Something in the back of the machine, and I'll be back to zapping flippers in no time.

At least, that's my theory.

Jul 11, 2011
Well, if Robotron shows up, and you move to another (smaller) place, I'm more than willing to let you store it at my place. ;)
Jul 11, 2011
@darklordjames: enter entrohoardapy. You don't know what to do with that extra room *now*. But after you've lived there for a year you'll be looking for a storage space.

@billingslea: stashing your stuff at someone else's house is EXACTLY how I wound up with 4 arcade games.

@Kontrol Master: NOOOOOOO! Mill City, maybe, PDX, never again. I'm from Chicago, I'm too bitchy for that city.

@Tophe: but the kids would love it! (See? See how I enable?)

@ungeheier: aw man, I totally forgot about Robotron.

Jul 13, 2011
1 kid might love it, if I could get him to stop playing angry birds long enough. the other one has no interest in wii/computer/android games - she prefers to play with tangible items instead of graphical representations.


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