Jan 4, 2011


Movin' right along...

Moving has begun! This is my view from the kitchen. Not bad, though it'll be much nicer once we clean all the crap out of the pool. Our new, not entirely sucktastic management company cleaned it before we moved in, but between lease signing and box moving, Mother Nature hit us with two days of insane wind.

That's a giant aloe farm there in the corner which will certainly come in handy given my exceptional talent at burning the crap out of myself. Also, aloe flowers? Who knew? Mixed in with it is, I think, oregano. At least it smells like oregano. But it looks like it's overwintered a couple few times because it's pretty woody. I also have a grapefruit tree, a kumquat tree (at least I think they are kumquats - if not they are very sad little oranges) and what might be a fig tree! If it's not a fig tree, then it's a poop tree, as that's what the few remaining dead fig-ish things look like right now. Here's to hoping they're figs. Oh, and a date palm. When exactly these trees flower and produce fruit I have no idea, but you'll be the first (ok, second) to know, and anything that can be squished into jam, will be.

So, we've got all month to complete this move, and boy are we going to need it because, holy wow batman do we have a lot of stuff. That whole your stuff owns you line from Fight Club comes to mind right about now...
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