Sep 6, 2011


Mi Vida Loca (Little Dude Edition)


So...for reasons I won't begin to bother you with, my sleep schedule the last few days has been totally messed up. Sunday I fell asleep at like 2PM, and woke up 4AM Monday. I was up again at 3AM today.

Honestly, I kind of like having the mornings to myself. It's quiet, the sun isn't up so it's only, like 100 degrees, there might even be a breeze, the hummingbirds haven't started their daily Hatfield vs McCoy war yet. It's peaceful. And as you can probably tell, I like to spend my peaceful mornings outside.

Ok, so a quick tangent. We have a sliding glass door that leads from the kitchen to the patio. And we have this uberly awesome, hi tech nerderific security system in the form of a sawed off broom handle that sits in the door track. Ain't no one getting in that door.

Seriously. Including me.

So it's like 5AM. I hear Pablo running around inside chasing Chica, or Pablo tumbleweeds, or shadows, who knows, he's crazy. And the kitchen is tiled, so he slides around a lot, and the rug by the door is always upside down or sideways. And so he goes running and I guess he hit the rug and went sliding because the next thing I hear is him crashing into the door. So I get up to go inside and you know what happened right?

Yeah, this happened.

I stood there for a good three minutes just like: Aw hell no, really? I just got locked out of my own house by my own cat?

And then I was like, well no, he's The Crandall's cat, which kinda explains everything about him you need to know.
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Sep 7, 2011
Were you wearing pants at least?
Sep 7, 2011
Surprisingly, yes.
Sep 7, 2011
It's also fun to be locked out by young offspring.

At our house we don't lock the doorknob locks, just the deadbolts. So occasionally we grownups have gone outside without keys and pulled the door shut behind ourselves, only to realize that some little busybody had locked the doorknob at some point in the previous 24 hours.
Sep 7, 2011
Do they let you back in, Tophe, or do you have to meet their list of demands?
Sep 7, 2011
Don't give them any ideas!
Sep 8, 2011
Tophe: Same issue at our house. I don't carry my keys most of the time. Just grab the key for the car and go. With the Wife all asleep. You know, just running to the market for some (almond) milk? Of course our boy is a ninja that doesn't sleep. Ever. Just loves to mess with the door knob and then go down to the basement to play with the PS3. Out of earshot of anyone. And did I mention that the Wife is in sleepytime deep dreamland? Or that I didn't bring my keys? Or my cellphone? A quick morning trip to the market turned into two or three hours of listening to NPR in the car...



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