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Feb 14, 2011


Measure once, cut twice. Er, wait, what?

So that whole measure twice, cut once thing never works for me. It's more like, measure 386 times, cut once, swear a LOT. Long story short, I made curtains for my office today. And by long, I mean LONG, not in length, but in hours. My problem (one of many) is, when working with patterned fabric I get all caught up in making sure (strike that: attempting to make sure) that everything is all folded and ironed and stitched in exactly the same place, because otherwise, you know, I might go to symmetry hell. You'd think from all the swearing that comes from my room that I don't enjoy this, but actually I find it fun and relaxing. In a swearing, wtf, sort of way.

Next up, I bookmarked this weeks ago thinking ooh, I'll save this for Valentine's Day, and then I totally forgot until about 3 seconds ago. So here you go, Happy Mathy Valentine's Day. Need help?
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