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May 2, 2012



This is not a mugshot

I had to get my passport photo taken today. Just before the guy snapped my picture he said: Don't blink! so...yeah, we had to take it again. Honestly, this is the better photo. The second time around I was so hellbent on keeping my eyes open that I look like I just came face to face with an Alot.

So, yeah, HI, HOW ARE YOU? I'm fine. Been busy! Typing, moving pixels around, putting way too much pressure on myself, like that. I did manage to take a few days off last weekend to whip out a messenger bag for The Mom for Mother's Day. But I haven't been in the kitchen since...I don't even remember. I plan to rectify that this month because it's peach season, which means it's JAM SEASON. And I can't get lazy this year because a couple months ago, for the first time since 2008, I RAN OUT OF JAM.

I know, I know, I'm a horrible human being.

Anyway, back to the photo. LOOK AT THAT HAIR! I got this crazy idea a couple months ago to let it grow out, because, I don't know, I guess I thought I'd be Kate Beckinsale or something, but instead it mostly just pokes me in the eye. And I have to blow dry it! What a pain in the butt. So I have a hair appointment on Monday and I'm pretty sure me and my pixie are going to get reacquainted.

So there you have it, the last 6 weeks of my life in a blog post: I've been busy, stressed out, and my hair is in my eyes. How are you?

Feb 6, 2012


Bag it

messenger bag mug shot

So this last week (ish) I've been sick. Not like, Oh, I have the flu, or OMG, I'm dying of the plague, more like Ick, I feel like I've been hit by a truck and is this what getting old feels like damn this really sucks. Throw in some allergies and general female malaise (sorry dude folk) and it was a stellar week. And by stellar I mean mostly I turned into a hermit. And one day I ate nothing but donuts. Well, that's not entirely true, after the third donut I got this awful Did you seriously eat THREE DONUTS TODAY? headache, so then I ate a banana.

It didn't help.

Anyway, all that to say I got a lot of sewing done this week. I tackled messenger bags, see? SEE? The little ones are for my nieces. I LOVE having nieces because they LOVE everything you make them and they totally don't notice your mistakes.

Oh, and an apron. I made an apron too.

And some flannel PJ pants. I made those first so I could wear them all week. Proper prior planning, my friends.

Jul 6, 2011



Yesterday, I learned the word haboob. Of course, that was after I ran outside to grab all the crap off the patio, and almost found myself in Oz. Today the pool has an inch of dirt at the bottom, and the entire city is covered in red dust. And my allergies are killing me!

Jun 12, 2011


Just keep swimming...

This is not my pool. My pool is surrounded by 40 year old trees that vomit teeny tiny little leaves into the water every time the wind blows. Or a bird flies by. Or you sneeze.

Yesterday, it was 103 degrees. Hello PHX. I checked the water temperature in the pool: 82 degrees. I dipped a toe in the water...yeah, I can do this. So I go inside, and put on my suit, and get my cap (because otherwise my hair will dye the pool pink), and my goggles (because otherwise the sun will burn my eyeballs), and jump in. Ok, let me rephrase that: I ease in. It took about a minute to acclimate, but the water felt good.

So, off I go. I'm about 3/4 of the way thru my first lap when I realize that the deep end, which is partially shaded in late afternoon, is approximately -273 degrees Celsius. Have you ever seen a cat jump out of water? Yeah, it was kinda like that.

Once The Crandall stopped laughing (about 13 minutes later), he informed me that if I did my swimming before 1PM, you know, when the pool is still in full sun, I'd be less likely to accidentally give myself a heart attack.

Today it is again 103. I took his advice, went for a swim around noon, and omg, I almost didn't get out. And also, omg, I am totally out of shape. Apparently, calling a 6 month wine and cheese binge "pilates for my mouth" does not qualify it as an exercise program. Which is a shame, really, cuz it sure was a lot of fun.
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