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Sep 6, 2011


Mi Vida Loca (Little Dude Edition)


So...for reasons I won't begin to bother you with, my sleep schedule the last few days has been totally messed up. Sunday I fell asleep at like 2PM, and woke up 4AM Monday. I was up again at 3AM today.

Honestly, I kind of like having the mornings to myself. It's quiet, the sun isn't up so it's only, like 100 degrees, there might even be a breeze, the hummingbirds haven't started their daily Hatfield vs McCoy war yet. It's peaceful. And as you can probably tell, I like to spend my peaceful mornings outside.

Ok, so a quick tangent. We have a sliding glass door that leads from the kitchen to the patio. And we have this uberly awesome, hi tech nerderific security system in the form of a sawed off broom handle that sits in the door track. Ain't no one getting in that door.

Seriously. Including me.

So it's like 5AM. I hear Pablo running around inside chasing Chica, or Pablo tumbleweeds, or shadows, who knows, he's crazy. And the kitchen is tiled, so he slides around a lot, and the rug by the door is always upside down or sideways. And so he goes running and I guess he hit the rug and went sliding because the next thing I hear is him crashing into the door. So I get up to go inside and you know what happened right?

Yeah, this happened.

I stood there for a good three minutes just like: Aw hell no, really? I just got locked out of my own house by my own cat?

And then I was like, well no, he's The Crandall's cat, which kinda explains everything about him you need to know.

Aug 29, 2011


Hi, remember me?

Ok first, I'm sorry about that Paul Anka thing. I just want you to know that today when I found a 10 minute video of a dude playing Bohemian Rhapsody on ukulele, I didn't post it. (Oops.)

In any case, it's been a busy month. I've been working on 4 new sites, getting root canals and crowns, going to birthday parties, and not going to San Francisco. As it turns out that was probably for the best, but I am kinda bummed that I won't get to see the Stein exhibit at SFMOMA

You know what I haven't done in over a month? COOKED. Partly it's been way too hot, and partly I've been way too busy. But in a couple weeks I'm off to LA to see BFF Kate and I think the plan is to tackle some new fillings for the insanely awesome broccoli ginger dumplings I made for a party last month and apparently never told you about.

Om nom nom nom

Anyway, that's where I've been. How are you?

PS: If you really need to get me back for Paul Anka, I totally understand.
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